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Based in South Africa, we do a lot of work both domestically and in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa in countries including Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, and Kenya. We have also worked in Mexico, India, the Philippines and Jamaica

Some of Nozizwe Consulting's clients and collaborators since 2005:

Cabbage Tree Communications - South Africa

Background research, report-writing and editing; for socio-economic situational analysis reports for Zambia and Lesotho.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - South Africa/USA

Socio-behavioral field research; funded to conduct exploratory community-based study of family and psycho-social implications of early infant HIV testing in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Study currently in progress.


International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) - Washington, D.C.

Technical assistance in programmatic monitoring and evaluation; to grantees within Women and Girls’ Property and Inheritance Rights Small Grants Program. Assistance entailed help with proposal writing, constructing log frames and monitoring and evaluation plans to groups in Zambia (Justice for Widows and Orphans Project (JWOP) - soon to begin in Lusaka, Zambia), Malawi (Women's Voice - Blantyre, Malawi) and Kenya (Young Women's Advancement Program (YWAP) - Nairobi, Kenya).


workshop in malawi

Other technical assistance activities for the Small Grants Program included conducting 5-day monitoring and evaluation training workshop for 8 grantees that covered principles of evaluation, evaluation study design, log frame construction, indicators, research ethics and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. Undertook data collection for and preparation of a situational analysis case study for JWOP in Zambia.


Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) - South Africa

Data analysis and manuscript preparation; analysis of data from three community-based PMTCT studies from KwaZulu/Natal Province, Free State and Limpopo Province, South Africa. Studies explored the influence of social and community dynamics on effectiveness of clinic-based PMTCT services in each province using qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies. C. Varga was principal investigator on each field study. To date two manuscripts have been submitted for publication with others currently in preparation (with H.Brookes).


John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation – Nigeria Office, Abuja

Technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation to Foundation grantees in Population and Reproductive Health and Higher Education Program Areas; conducted 2-day monitoring and evaluation training workshops with grantees from each program area. Training covered principles of evaluation, evaluation study design, log frame construction, indicators, research ethics and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.


National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) - South Africa

Socio-behavioral research and monitoring and evaluation; for Immunopaedia, a multi-pronged immunology learning program for clinical pediatricians. Work included conducting a qualitative needs analysis among South African pediatricians focused on the role of immunology in diagnosis, care and treatment of children with HIV/AIDS. The needs analysis served as the basis for constructing the learning program components, including an interactive web-based learning and informational tool. Also in charge of design and implementation of an 18-month monitoring and evaluation of all program components.


Speak Out - South Africa

Technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation to organizational members during annual general meeting; general overview seminar on principles of monitoring and evaluation.


UNICEF Operation Lifeline Southern Sudan (OLS) - Nairobi, Kenya

Technical assistance in developing socio-behavioral field research project and protocols on safe motherhood; activities included drafting qualitative and quantitative protocols, devising sampling strategies, databases and data analysis plans, training fieldworkers and conducting narrative research workshops in southern Sudan.


University of KwaZulu/Natal Medical School (Dept. of Pediatrics) - South Africa

Training in and facilitation of narrative research workshop on PMTCT and infant feeding issues in urban community settings.

The methodologies used in the work included participatory narrative techniques, community-based questionnaires, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. The results of that research informed new national policies on infant feeding and PMTCT, and showed clearly that clinic-based PMTCT programmes need to take into account community and traditional decision-making structures with respect to maternal-child health.


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